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How to optimize cost when assembling PCBs

In the previous post we explained how to optimize cost when designing and manufacturing PCBs. The second part to reduce the price for your electronic circuits is to make a design that reduce the assembly cost. Some tips are shown below that can help you in this task.


Optimization of the assembly price


1. Ordering many parts reduces the unit cost

When only few units are going to be constructed the mounting process can be performed by a soldering technician and it will be cheaper, but if many units will be built, this process can be done externally in a facility with automatic machines that will optimize the timing. The main cost of this process is to prepare the machines and the SMD components as resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. When many units are required the price is diluted with each unit.


2. Make your design only with SMD components instead of through hole ones

In order to reduce the assembly cost, try increase the number of SMD components of your PCB and reduce the amount of through hole components as much as possible. This will reduce the final cost considerably.


3. Choose components that will be delivered in reels or trays

To reduce the price in this process the components have to be provided in reels and not separated, if not the price of the process will be increased to put the components in reels and trays.

Components that will be delivered in reels or trays will reduce the cost
Components that will be delivered in reels or trays will reduce the final cost


4. Do not place components too close to others

To reduce time and finally the price, the design has to respect some rules like the distance between elements in order to allow an easy soldering.


5. Avoid assembling components on both sides of the PCB

The complexity and the price will be reduced if you only use an external layer with components instead of two. This is valid for single and multilayer circuits, since the bottom layer can be used only for signal distribution or for dissipation tasks.


Finally, click here if you want to know how to optimize cost when designing and manufacturing PCBs.

 2018-05-04 10:19
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How to optimize cost when designing and manufacturing PCBs
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