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How is a multilayer PCB manufactured
 2018-11-05 11:07
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When complex circuit designs and multiple connections are required, it is not enough with single or two-layer boards and more complex PCBs are required combining several two-layer boards, called cores, to finally build a multilayer PCB. In order to create the final stack up of the PCB, not only typical boards with substrate and copper foils are used, also prepreg laminates are used. [Read more...]

How to design drilling holes for your PCBs
 2018-10-25 11:10
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When you design a PCB you will need to place holes for different reasons as described below.

  • When you design two layer or multi-layer circuits the holes are typically used to connect ground planes of the top layer to the general ground plane. This is required so all the components connected to the ground are connected to the same plane. 
  • When you design a multilayer PCB the holes are used to interconnect [Read more...]
What are PCB guide rails
 2018-10-15 10:12
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PCB guide rails are some guides used to mount circuit cards in tight spaces inside racks or boxes in a certain place. It allows to mount the PCBs avoiding to fix the PCBs with screws. It also enables to place several PCBs in parallel separated by small distances. Usually, they are used a pair of guide rails to fasten the cards by two sides. [Read more...]

When to use metal core (aluminium) PCBs
 2018-09-18 12:09
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Aluminium core PCBs are printed circuit boards in which the core of the PCB is a metal layer. Typically, this metal core is aluminium, since it is the cheaper option, but other materials could be used as copper or other metal alloys that would increase the performance in terms of thermal dissipation, but also the price. Other benefit of the aluminium with respect the other metal cores is the weight, that is much lower. [Read more...]

How to plan for CE and FCC certifications when designing PCBs
 2018-09-15 11:05
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When you want to distribute your radio frequency products in some countries, you will have to perform different tests to obtain the conformity that your products will not affect to the performance of other products neither these other products will affect to the performance of your product[Read more...]

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